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Energy, Environment & Climate Change (EECC)

Human population needs clean energy, environment and favorable climate for domestic use, shelter and work respectively. Nevertheless, as the world enters a second year of Covid-19 pandemic, both statistical data and real-time analysis confirms high demands for clean energy, high cases of carbon emissions and rapid climatic change. In statistical…
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Education & Civic Engagement (ECE)

Education & Civic Engagement At SCORE, we believe that sustainable community development or resilience needs a solid foundation in education and civic engagement. In this sense, we create demand and support universal basic education through research, projects and collaborations in Homabay County and beyond. So far, we have developed and…
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Health & Nutrition (HN)

Health & Nutrition Human race is facing all sorts of illnesses and diseases. Residents of Homabay County are not exceptions. Surprisingly, 99% of bodily, mental illnesses, and diseases are because of decisions we make.That said, we join other health-oriented organizations and individuals in research, program and project development and policy…
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Agriculture & Entrepreneurship (AE)

Agriculture & Entrepreneurship We are located in rural Homabay County, Kenya. Here, over 86% people rely on smallholding rain-fed agriculture. They have limited access to productive assets, skills, financial and market linkages, which restrict their productive ambitions. They also face harsh consequences of climate and importation, which make them vulnerable.…
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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) In Homabay County, most rural homes, markets, and school lack proper water systems, sanitation, and hygiene facilities. Many girls, women and students do trek for miles in search of water and often compete with wild and domesticated animals for the same usually in rivers, boreholes,…
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Information, Communication & Technology (ICT)

Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) Just like media personalities, our beneficiaries more specifically, youth and women needs accurate and reliable information, right strategies and tools for engage themselves and community in general. However, many still lack access to information, skills and Internet services. For example, computer is given less attention…
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