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Supporting Primary Education Among Kenyans (SPEAK)

Supporting Primary Education Among Kenyans (SPEAK) Education is dear to us. We provide sponsorships, mentorship, health kits, counseling and linkages to needy and bright Kenyans in primary, secondary and colleges. We engage schools in enterprises around agriculture, water & sanitation, environment to support them, students and vulnerable teachers under Board…
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Smallholder Poultry Agribusiness Development (SPADE)

Smallholder Poultry Agribusiness Development (SPADE) Indigenous poultry smallholding has the potential to provide food, decent jobs, income, revenue, and improved livelihood of smallholders, businesses and government along its value chains. However, in rural Homabay, many have limited access to productive assets, skills, financial and market linkages, which restrict their productive…
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Sexual Health Empowerment (SHE)

Sexual Health Empowerment (SHE) Access to universal health services is key for human development. Unfortunately, many rural people still lack access to basic health care. With Covid-19, the situation has worsened. In response, we design, engage and mobilize resources to help implement home-based health initiative targeting vulnerable children, youth, PLWS,…
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Rural Entrepreneurship Telecentre Initiative (RETI)

Rural Entrepreneurship Telecentre Initiative (RETI) With growth in population, urbanization and mass migration, resources are generally scarce. This has resulted to high unemployment rates and increased competition especially among youth and women. To intervene, we identify, select, train and link youth and women to growth opportunities. The RETI program uses…
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Rural Environmental Sustainable Technologies (REST)

Rural Environment Sustainable Technologies (REST) We promote, protect and conserve environment through engagements, awareness campaigns, tree planting, and policy and program advocacy in Homabay County, Kenya. Rural Entrepreneurship Telecentre Initiative (RETI) Rural Environmental Sustainable Technologies (REST) Actions for County Transformation (ACT) Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) Education & Civic Engagement…
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Actions for County Transformation (ACT)

Actions for County Transformation (ACT) With devolved government, locals should be given consultation and services they deserve. However, the implementation of 2010 constitution has been very slow and marked with malpractices such as corruption and general lack of community involvements. We engage policy makers and public throughout Kenya Budget Calendar…
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