Agriculture & Entrepreneurship (AE)

Agriculture & Entrepreneurship

We are located in rural Homabay County, Kenya. Here, over 86% people rely on smallholding rain-fed agriculture. They have limited access to productive assets, skills, financial and market linkages, which restrict their productive ambitions.
They also face harsh consequences of climate and importation, which make them vulnerable. As a result, many struggle to survive and can hardly afford basic needs. In a good gesture, we consult, collaborate, design and Likewise, high cases of environmental degradation and destruction has been recorded mainly from human related activities such as farming, charcoal burning, logging and artisanal mining. All these statistics has a lot to do with global health and economies.
With due respect, we galvanize synergies to sensitize locals, collaborate with clean energy agencies, championed for regenerative agriculture, advocate for adoption of proven and eco-friendly technologies, plan trees and engage smallholders on forest-based conservation practices, and do need-based advocacy for programs and policies.